Lingventa provides a wide range of consulting services, as well as implementation of dedicated systems or business modules involving natural language processing.

We offer services associated with:.

  • providing modules for checking and correcting texts, using a modern context-sensitive approach;
  • broadly understood classification and categorisation of texts, including specialised documents, as well as creating relevant types of modules for use with preexisting systems used by the client or serving as part of such systems;
  • automatic recognition and extraction of all manner of specific information from
    a particular set of documents (e.g. terms, names, e-mail addresses) and the implementation of this type of modules for use in business;
  • compilation of general and specialized dictionaries and creation of ontologies
    in accordance with an agreed-upon standard or for a particular business goal.

We may also provide other natural language processing services at the request of the client.

The services we provide rely on our own tools for language processing, designed specifically with the Polish language in mind.

The quality of our services is guaranteed by a team of professional consultants with long-time experience in natural language processing.