Products & Services

Lingventa offers professional and innovative products and services in the field of computational linguistics.

Lingventa provides software designed for extraction and processing of knowledge stored in unstructured text format (such as: text files, XML, PDF, MS Word documents, HTML pages) with business applications in mind. Our solutions are crafted to match the specific nature of the Polish language and involve the most advanced methods in linguistics, ensuring infallibility and efficiency of our analyses. Though the use of open standards, we are capable of easily integrating them with the systems used by our clients.

Our solutions have applications in:

  • document proofreading;
  • improvement of document quality;
  • recognition and extraction of all manner of information from text;
  • classification and categorisation of textual documents;
  • contextual information search in documents;
  • text summarisation;
  • compilation of dictionaries and ontologies for the Polish language.

In addition to prepared products, we offer partnership with other companies by providing our technologies, linguistic engines, dictionaries and other linguistic resources through OEM and SaaS models.

Our products may be used in numerous fields, including publishing, public relations, banking, insurance, communications, medicine, industry, or trade.